This guide assumes you have reached above zone 10,000 and you have summoned all of the ancients, By tuning the ancients and not wasting hero souls on unnecessary one can improve the ability to advance.

The relics are of not real value. Above zone 100,000 however some are showing zero improvement because the game limits some capabilities. No point leveling them up either. Swapping zero help relics for ones that are net positive can be tedious s most have several zero factors.

With each ascendance it’s a good time to rebalance the ancients so that the zones can be progressed more quickly.

Now the Garnet Ring of Wrath is useless to help Argaiv which is one of the several limited ancients. The outsiders influence a few of the ancients but as they’re leveled up the impact of relics becomes even more pointless.

The Forge Cores are equally pointless. They can be used to level up the relics which still does not have any net effect. In short do not bother with them.

The screenshot shows that Bubos level is influenced significant from the outsiders. Critical clicks is an example of an unneeded waste of hero souls. Now looking at the levels it should be clear that the relics are demonstrably pointless.

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