The headache caused by Microsoft electing to merge the Games for Windows Live into the Xbox was not the best choice. While the Xbox app is not inherently bad, the mess was caused more by the abandonment of the client.


On August 9, 2013, Microsoft announced the removal of one of the most criticized limitations for the LIVE platform, the inability of simultaneously logging in on both the Xbox One and Games for Windows LIVE. This was the primary reason for not buying any consoles, no interoperability is a real headache.

Instead the console game controllers are all the are needed. Microsoft has the Xbox 360 USB controller and it works with the old console wireless pads so this makes the entire gamut of games with controller support an available pad.

GFWL titles almost all came on DVD distribution. Bulletstorm and Halo 2 are a couple of games I played extensively.

EA published Bulletstorm and accepted the key to move the game to the Origin client. Other games moved to Steam. This left a bunch of less successful games who ended up abandoned by developers.

Microsoft did not provide any help for those who were affected by the shutdown. This forced many to seek alternative solutions. The PC gaming world essentially migrated to Steam. This forced them to consider existing DRM before games could be sold.


Given games in Steam and Origin are comparatively safe the move to testing Windows 10 seemed like it was safe enough. Windows 10 game me an opportunity to test a large number of games. The Microsoft Xbox 360 USB controller is recognized by Windows 10 and the wireless controller can continue to be enjoyed.