Most DCMA notices sent to Google are actually invalid. Given the mechanized nature I suspect that abusive notices are used for malicious competitive operations.

DMCA notices should really be considered legally void unless they were submitted by a human that can take responsibility for inaccuracy. Perjury is a serious offence.

The internet today is a really tough place to do business due to the millions of websites out there. This immediately is dilutive for everyone.

Here are the studio most of the day is spent researching new games that may be of interest to the readers. Search engines are not that useful for identifying the hot game until well after the fact.

Given the amount of typing to post the latest news, no database entries here are identified as illegal copied from elsewhere. Touch typing can reach 100 words per minute but some with arthritis may be slower.

The DCMA needs to be revised to clearly make mechanized notices to be void. This would aluminate the problems of abuses once and for all. Many sites have disappeared due to DCMA abuses. Unfortunately the abusers are hard to find and sue.

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