Microsoft put Windows 10 on Windows update and started rolling it out for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Machines line our HP Stream 7 however have only got 32GB of storage and there are even some machines with only 16GB.

Windows 10 made a mess of the HP Stream 7 so we ended up using a USB hub with a keyboard and mouse and wipes the machine and install Windows 10 fresh. The recovery partition was damaged so we removed it to gain several GB of additional space.

With a fresh install of Windows 10 the amount of available space is much less than it was with Windows 8.1.


windows 10 has a tool called compact.exe that can compress all of the Windows files to reduce storage overhead. Beware some SSD devices already compress data so gains may not be apparent.

compact /compactOS:always 

to revert back to uncompacted settings

compact /compactOS:never


OneDrive can be moved to another location. We installed a microSD card to be able to move all of the standard libraries.

Right click on the library you want to move and select properties. The location tab is show in the screenshot.

Windows will move files to the microSD card where more available space is available.


Its also possible to install programs and apps to the secondary storage unit. We suggest maintaining at least 10GB of free space on C: so that new Windows releases will instal fine.

Bet alert that even when installing programs to a secondary storage unit, DLL and similar components may be installed to C:.


Its also possible to move pictures and documents to OneDrive. OneDrive can be upgraded to 1TB of storage fr even the largest libraries of photographs.