Modular PSU designs are increasingly popular and with lower costs they have now become more widespread. Old style fixed cables are not of concern as Molex and PCI Express cables are standardized as is the 2×12 cable.


Some have questioned if the modular cables from one brand of PSU will work on another. Generally this will not work. Incompatible cables are used mostly for competitive reasons, nobody wants to be generic as profits are lower.

The cables connectors on the PSU however are not standardized. Some who have tried this have burned out hard disks and other hardware after discovering 12V was being fed where 5V was needed.

PSU vendors want to upsell users with expensive colored cables etc which increase profits. If cables were standardized this lucrative item’s profits would evaporate. The cable manufacturers would be happy as more choices would be possible but corporate interests do not mesh with consumers very well.

Corsair offer high capacity power supplies and they have survived which is why we continue to select them. The old TX850V2 proved itself with reliability. The low cost CS450 is best with integrated graphics. The AX860i is modular and very efficient. The peripheral cables for the CS450 are compatible with the AX860i and vice versa.

At 80-100W of power, the R5 2400G box costs maybe 20 cents a day mostly as it is powered at all times. The 35W LG 27UL500 panel adds a few more cents but it is not always active.

The load with the R5 2400G is so low the CS450 is actually sufficient. The only reason for the AX860i is that high power cards need more power than the CS450 can handle.