We have noticed many reports over the Intel Skylake CPU line where the CPU become stuck at an idle state or it may crash with certain demanding applications like Prime95 etc.

Hard locks happen in either Windows (7,8,10) or Linux.

With CStates on, the crashes are often and usually within 10 minutes of IDLE.  With CStates disabled completely most find that the system remains “mainly” stable for days.

Everyone suffering the CState freezing seems to have Microcode 39.

Intel’s engineers have identified a potential problem and they are now validating a fix. This will be delivered with a new BIOS which may bundle new microcode for the CPU.

Intel packaged an update and place it on Windows update.

We have followed several forum threads recently and on Intel’s forum we noticed the problem was known.

We recommend updating the motherboard BIOS with the respective vendor’s support site. Often motherboard vendors provide automatic update support programs such as the one MSI provides.