hardcoregaming101.net was the first known infringing domain. their messages.

“Ryan Robson” <ryan@brkmc.io> told us “Hi there, Please, fuck off.”. We then contacted legal@encom.com and complained over the infringement. “Kurt Kalata” <kurt@hardcoregaming101.net> disputed our prior art.  “Darin Holden” <rynvie@gmail.com>said” go fuck yourself hardcore gaming 101 is legit stop faking”

hcgames.org is the latest domain registered in a series of trademark infringers. we have asked them to change, refused, so we have attempted to take down the domain we discovered infringement on twitter too

The IO country code is british indian ocean. which appears to be halfway between Tanzania and Indonesia. This suggests the infringer is located in the UK. Ryan Robson has been identified as a possible infringer,

Ryan Robson ryan@brkmc.io At also appears that  is an infringiing business more generally. Recently the domain has been unresponsive suggesting the ISP has taken action.

We contacted the registrar and now the site operator is making changes to a new name called “HC Games” which is sufficiently distinct from our name, We still see many pages with infringement however months after they agreed to change.

We have identified Robson as a ongoing infringer who has repeatedly attempted to illegally use our trademarked business name and work marks.

After making changes they have reverted to back to illegally using our work marks. Clearly they are wilfully infringing on existing trademarks but the law is clear.