One new feature in version 1e5 is the auto clicker. The auto clicker also is retained from ascensions and transcendence. In short, the clicker is the tool of choice which seems to be helpful even above zone 200K,

Auto clickers can be used to automatically level heroes, activate skills, and click monsters for you! Auto clickers can be purchased in the shop for rubies. As more are purchased they do get more costly. The auto clicker can move a player into higher zones to increase the gold values from monsters.

With the 1e9 update auto clickers can now be placed on the “Buy All Upgrades” button. The player can now hold C and click to place auto clickers. Clickers can be stacked and with more they are powerful for some tasks. There is also a new ancient to give DPS for holstered clickers too.

The auto clickers are able to improve the DPS and saving rubies to buy more does not seem to be a bad idea. Clickers have been shown to be helpful from zone 1 through zone 200K and above.

Putting an autoclicker on the Buy Available Upgrades makes an ascend faster as the accumulation of zones can be rapid early on when hero souls are above 1e100 or so.

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