Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was released on November 3, 2016 by Activision. The game was developed by Infinity Ward. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a first person warfare game.

The player will embark on a classic war story about grand scale naval warfare; all set in a grounded future where human conflict has spread throughout our solar system. Zero gravity is a change from previous releases. A grappling hook will help avoid being lost in space.

Multiplayer combines Call of Duty’s popular chained-based movement system with ground-breaking gameplay innovations to deliver the deepest and most engaging Call of Duty experience to date.

The game also features a cooperative multiplayer zombies mode, which has its own gameplay mechanics and story, separate from the campaign.

Like many games today, Call of Duty struggles to reimagine warfare.


  • Spaceland takes players on a roaring trip back into the 1980’s with a nighttime setting sure to spook the faint of heart.
  • The park features unique areas at every twist and turn with settings ranging from an alien village to a trip back in time showcasing the glory of early space travel.
  • With a plethora of retrofitted rides and games the park has been outfitted with death traps to help players survive the next zombie onslaught.
  • Players have the ability to uncover the mystery behind the park and its inhabitants by completing the many Easter Eggs hidden within its walls.

The game features Steamworks with achievements.


This game needs 8GB of memory.  i3-3600 or better. GTX 660 2GB or HD 7850 2GB. Game is about 41GB.