Hardcore Games is primarily a PC gaming site. PC gaming arose from business machines which are more expensive. This is why we use the term console peasant as these machines are much less expensive. In more recent years the growth in mobile games has brought a whole new range of eager players to the table.

Mobile phones have had it rough with Apple more so than Samsung. Apple for many years demanded developers only support the newest version of iOS which lead to rapid obsolescence of older handsets. Samsung on the other hand has several open source options.


Apple, Android and Windows Phone all have their own stores and market ecosystem. The PC Gamers have gravitated towards Steam. Tablets are a small market segment. Games are pervasive for every platform.


The iPhone 5S comes with 1024MB of RAM and the 64-bit dual-core ARM processor runs at around 1300 MHz.The phone has been upgraded to iOS 10.3.2. This phone will be upgraded to iOS 11 which wil expand app compatibility significantly making the handset viable for many more years.


The iPhone 4 comes with 512MB of RAM and the 32-bit ARM processor runs at around 800 MHz.The phone has been upgraded to iOS 7.1.2. Apple comes out with new versions of iOS and they demand only supporting the new version to the frustration of legacy users. Apple wants to sell more handsets but the practices of compulsory removal is illegal but not enforced.


This phone comes with 1024MB of RAM and a 32-bit ARM processor. This handset is more powerful than the iPhone 4 but it also eats the battery faster too. The phone has been upgraded to Android 6.0.1 but apps generally work with older versions of Android easily.

The Cyanogen version of Android cannot run any Google Play components, so app updates do not work. The handset is still viable for development for the Google Play store.

We have seen many lower cost Android handsets for under $49 which may have 512MB of memory and only 4GB of storage with Android 5..Such phones use a microSD card to add storage for apps, photos and music.


The 7 inch tablet comes with a Cortex A8 running at 1 GHz. The machine has 512MB DDR3 memory. Android 4.1 with 8GB of primary storage.

The machine has an easy access microSD card shot. The machine also can use an OTG cable to attach a USB stick. There is only a single camera. The manual says the tablet can support 64GB microSD and likely larger capacity ones will work as well.


The 7 inch HP Stream 7 tablet runs Windows 10 or it can also run Android. The CPU is dramatically more powerful than rival phones and tablets. The Atom is 64-bit and has 4 real cores. HP Stream has a microSD card  slot so it can support more storage. HP also supports Android with his tablet.


With the hardware in the shop now we see the iPhone with 512MB of RAM and a single core CPU as the weakest. So we consider that universal games should be basic so that they can run on everybody’s handset.

The iPhone 4 CPU is barely 1 MHz so the capability is limited compared to more recent models. Puzzle games are generally very small which is the most compatible choice.