EVE: Valkyrie was released on November 17, 2016 by CCP who also developed this game. EVE: Valkyrie is a virtual reality space fighter game.

This game requires the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset.

CCP brings space flight to VR with EVE: Valkyrie. Players can now fly in space and fight it out.

Join the Valkyrie, an outlaw band of galactic pirates, and take up arms to claim what’s yours. Trade cannon fire for cash as you chase wealth and notoriety on the edge of space.

Players have lots of options for customization of their spacecraft. This game allows consoles and PC gamers to fight it out on the same servers. When a player dies, they respawn as a clone of the original playter.

The VR headset allows the player to look around inside the spaceship so this is a change in gameplay from more conventional games like X Wing.

The games has a few Chronicles which act as a single layer trainer . Gameplay is fairly straightforward, the tried-and-tested formula of arcade controls, team deathmatch modes and unlockable upgrades are typical.

Audio is mediocre but it does the job.


Silver takes while to earn and gold has to be purchased. This is on top of the AAA release price making this game rather expensive..


  • Cutting-edge virtual reality gameplay takes space combat into the future
  • Competitive multiplayer action rewards teamwork and tactics
  • Skill-based character progression and ship upgrades give you complete control over your pilot’s combat style
  • Gorgeous VR visuals immerse you in the action like never before
  • Stunning EVE Universe setting and deep backstory place you in a futuristic sci-fi world that becomes more than real.
  • Battle for control of orbital shipyards, infiltrate massive enemy carriers, and outmaneuver your rivals in sprawling asteroid fields.
  • Lead your squadron to victory in competitive online multiplayer, group with friends for co-op battles, or fly solo missions to reveal the mysterious origins of the Valkyrie.


Windows 7 x64 or better. Quad core processor with 8GB of memory. GTX 660 or HD 7850 or better. See the page on System Requirements.

This game also requires an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.