Planet Coaster was released on November 17, 2016 by Frontier Developments who also developed the game. Planet Coaster is a sandbox simulation and management game.

This game lets player build roller coasters and see how well they work. The game has reasonably good AI to make sure the gravity effects work right.

The developers make accurate models of all of the amusement park rides to the player can make a true to life theme park if they want..

The game lets you build the coaster piece by piece. Lay paths, build scenery, customize rides and make everything in your park unique with piece-by-piece construction and over a thousand unique building components.

The game also lets the player customize the landscape etc.  LIke SimCity the terrain can be raised and lowered and managed as desired. Chief Beef and Cosmic Cow Milkshakes seem to be the only shops where guests purchase items from. Wages etc are overly micromanaged.

This game would appeal to a young kid who find the roller coaster to be the ride of choice at amusement parks. The sounds, the sights, the excitement and sheer immersion of this game is outstanding and full of depth and imagination.

Graphics are just great, gameplay is insane with many options and easy UI. Undoubtedly the best theme park simulation game available.


This game includes Steamworks:

  • achievements
  • trading cards


Windows 7 x64 or better. Quad core processor with 8GB of memory. GTX 660 or HD 7850 or better. See the page on System Requirements.