More and more USB 3.0 front panel boxes are surfacing in Chinese catalogs. The typical model has 4 USB 3.0 ports. Better models with Molex or SATA power can handle charging a mobile device.

The model with SATA power is more desirable as this type of cable is now more widely available. This model has more flexibility for Molex or SATA depending on the adapter cable.

Cheaper boxes with no extra power tend to perform very poorly suggesting that dual SATA strands may be needed in the front of the machine to handle the demands. Most modular power supplies now come with at least 2 SATA cable strands. Additional splitters are available when needed.

USB 3.0 mandates 900 mA of current for supporting USB hard disks which are popular for backups. There are several USB SATA cables in the studio so that the junk box of old hard disks can be used for backups etc.