Comcast recently inked a deal with Verizon so that they could bundle cable TV, Internet and mobile phones into a single package. We expect that a merger will consolidate the corporations into a very large provider. The concern we have is the overwhelming reduction in competition.

Verizon has some deals now to provide content to their mobile customers. This has been the main basis for promoting the creation of a larger conglomerate.

At present Comcast is listed on the NASDAQ under CMCSA and Verizon trades on the NYSE as VE. Both have been widely looked at by investors. Comcast is actually largely owned by the Robert’s family. Verizon is more widely held mostly by mutual funds.

The FCC has waded into many of the deals made by various media providers and mobile operators. So far they have tried to maintain competition to prevent gouging etc. It has not been easy as the political landscape keep changing.

We like competition, which is seen easily with PC gaming. There is such a rich diversity of games available. Steam is extremely liberal for small developers which done much to allow independent small development projects reach a large market.