From the early days of the internet, network neutrality mean that every packet was equal. Now with the new Donald Trump regime, we expect that such equality will be rescinded. This will favor large corporations at the expense of the small ones.

It also means the internet services for consumers may be curtailed considerably.

Netflix depends in internet neutrality. So do many other streaming services. My eliminating internet neutrality such services could be bankrupted immediate;

My curtailing consumer internet bandwidth and imposing usage caps would also hurt many recent streaming businesses.

A widely cited example of a violation of net neutrality principles was when the Internet service provider Comcast was secretly slowing (colloquially called “throttling”) uploads from peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) applications using forged packets.

ISPs could be allowed to zero rate some services while effectively blocking others. This would have a dramatic and chilling effect on news and journalism.

The intent of net neutrality was to make it a simple utility with a “dumb” pipe of data flow. The NSA however has made a joke of net neutrality with pervasive surveillance over the entire internet. The FCC has also been pressured a lot over privacy. By forcing ISPs to work with the NSA etc, has made costs dramatically higher.

In Canada, Harper chose to ignore the CRTS rule 8661-C12-201015975 which allowed for usage based billing. Shortly thereafter, mobile internet rates rose dramatically. Canada now has the most expensive mobile internet on the planet.

Today many content delivery services have vast amounts of infrastructure already installed. Neutrality has been eroded for many years. The real concern is to protect smaller operations to prevent them from disappearing.


By permanently classifying internet providers as common carriers is the safest option. A common carrier is similar to how the telephone network is recognized. This ensures equal ease of access and enforces the neutral internet.

Today a growing fiber network has been expanding broadband globally. Wireless has been able to provide services to rural areas.


This site is hosted with Azure which has a vast content delivery networks. Azure and their competitors have consolidated many smaller operations. Virtual machines mean that old servers can be uploaded as is. Azure means this site will be safe no matter what the FCC manages to do.