Starting last night, we noticed EA was experiencing Battlefield 1 server problems again. Now we have noted that denial is service attacks are the reason. EA is mostly known from gaming titles such as FIFA and Madden, but also develops games like Battlefield, NHL and The Sims.

EA has been subject to problems several times in the past.

Down Detector shows that EA has been dead for several hours.

The EA forum is full of comments which is why we checked the status.

We tried playing Battlefield 4 and we were able to connect to a server and play online. There are still a lot of players at any given time so its a good second check to see if all servers are affected.

It seems that more and more gam servers are being attacked by DDOS attacks. Mostly likely it has been done by cheaters who have been banned and are retaliating after being caught.

EA has been slow dealing with cheaters but more recently they have steps have been taken to secure the game so that everyone can play without worries.


Games are back up as of 9:00 AM December 18, 2016. We have noticed some problems periodically.