Heavy Gear Assault was released on December 29, 2016 by Stompy Bot Productions. The game was developed by Mektek Studios. Heavy Gear Assault is a mech warrior action game.

This game is on Steam early access.

Don’t expect Mechwarrior. That’s a totally different game. Expect Heavy Gear. The developers instead looked to the real-world and games like Eve Online and Star Citizen for inspiration when designing Heavy Gear Assault’s unique and dynamic economy.

Heavy Gear Assault puts you in control of a multi-ton, humanoid war machine better known as a Gear. If you have played Titanfall 2 this game has similar game mechanics with an entirely different storey.

Gameplay is relatively standard for this class of game. The machines use internal combustion engines in a nod to realism.

The game has lots of customization typical of role playing games. Gears, weapons, and armour can be purchased from the market (all weapons and armour are currently unlocked in the Gear Bay). Everything in the game is earnable with experience.

Blueprints allow the owner to fabricate the associated item so long as they have TEC to pay for the manufacturing costs. The blueprint stays in the player’s inventory forever once purchased.

The game features Steamworks including achievements and trading cards,

Game is playable but it still needs more work done on it.


i3 or better. 8GB of memory. GTX 680 or better. Game is 4GB installed.