Gamers can now play their favorites on the new UltraSharp UP3218K panel from Dell. The UP3218K offers s stupendous 7680×4320 pixel resolution. All for just $4999.

The UP3218K is a standard 32″ panel with a 32.5″ viewing area making it easy to install with most work spaces.

  • 31.5″ viewing area
  • 60Hz frame rate
  • 220 ppi
  • 178°viewing angle
  • 10-bit RGP deep color
  • 100% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec709, 98% DCI-P3 & >80% Rec2020
  • 400 cd/m²
  • 1,300:1 contrast ratio
  • 6ms grey to grey
  • 9.7mm bezel
  • 2x DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0
  • 87W power, EPAET gold
  • Tilt, pivot, swivel, height adjustment
  • Manufacturer Part 095P9
  • Dell Part 210-ALEZ

The Dell UP3218K has done it again with the most extreme LCD to date. The high DPI rivals Apple’s Retina displays with a tighter pixel placement to be able to keep the display small enough for most work spaces..

The panel needs to have dual DisplayPort 1.4 cables to be able to reach 7680×4320 at 60fps. HDMI 2.1 has enough bandwidth to handle this panel so we expect to see a new version of this panel to enter the market in maybe 6-9 months. AMD and NVIDIA both have workstation cards that are needed to handle the extreme resolution.

The .UP3218K is targeted towards digital photography and video editing. This panel is more than a match for most digital camera which tend to crowd around 14-20 megapixel. Photoshop would easily take good advantage.

Dell markets the .UP3218Kl with their PremiereColor brand for their calibrated 10-bit per pixel panels. RGB-10 affords 1.07 billion colors.

At 7680×4320, the UP3218K is about 33 megapixels which compares with the high-end of digital photography.

Testing images from various digital cameras showed that the UP3218K as well suited to HDR images where subtle color is important. We tried images from mobile phones and digital cameras galore and everything looked great.

Contrast is fairly respectable, however some competitive high-end panels can do better. Over all the UP3218K delivers comparatively good imagery.

A rugged silver stand holds the panel upright. It provides a wide variety of ergonomic options including tilt, swivel, and height. It can even rotate 90° to hold the monitor vertically.

The VESA USB 3.0 is now standard and the UP3218K has USB ports on the main board for things like a USB Bluetooth receiver etc. The logic board seems to be very solid and well made.


The GeForce GTX 1080 and the Radeon Pro WX 7100 are both known to be able to achieve 7680×4320 with 60fps with Windows 10.


Video cards with dual DisplayPort are widely available however gaming at this resolution is beyond even 4 top GPUs. Of course the UP3218K does support lower resolutions suitable for gaming.

A recent card such as the RX 580 with 32 GCN cores can play some classic games at 8K depending on game settings. The GTX 1080 Ti might be able to get a bit more game play. Drivers for dual cards are problematic.