Image 1 -  Star Trek: The Next Generation - Blu-ray Box Set [The Complete Series] NEW

Star Trek: The Next Generation has been remastered for Blu-Ray. Caveat Emptor, there is another earlier box set that is 4:3 aspect ratio that is not a remastered version. Check the UPC/EAN code on the box to be sure you have the 16:9 remastered version.

The series has also been remastered for HDTV. Syndicated broadcasts of Star Trek: The Next Generation are in widescreen so the publisher has been able to recover some of the stupendous cost of remastering the entire 7 seasons.

  • UPC/EAN 5051368261935
  • Aspect Ratio : 1.78:1 (16:9)
  • Spanish, English, French
  • 16 languages subtitled
  • 41 BD, 176 episodes

While the BD disks are configured for 1920×1080, keep in mind that the original show was shot on 35mm without anamorphic lenses as the show was intended for syndicated television. The original show is presented as originally broadcast in full HD.

The BD disks are region free so the entire series can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. The DB disk are packed in tow larger disc cases instead of smaller ones by season. The disc volume labels are STAR TREK TNG Sx making importing them into iTunes easy. Typically there are 4-5 episodes on each BD50 disc. The menu on the discs are very complicated,

The quality of the video is undeniably wonderful. The sound is definitely richer than the original TV experience as well. I also have not had any troubles with playback on any disks so far. 

They’re replaced the old video with crisp, clean visuals and crisp clean sounds. While this sounds good in principle it means that you can see the flaws in Mr. Data’s make-up in the first season, and you can hear the shuffles and clonks as they walk about the studio (some of the bridge scenes are done with a dry mike, no ship noises which are added in later series, and it’s not kind to the ambiance).

The Enterprise-D glides by with every window and access panel clearly visible, and all the fight scenes are rendered in perfect detail. Watching some of the bonus features, this was no simple task! They went back to the original footage and rescanned the lot, which sometimes required scanning through thousands of tape reels to find the 10 second chunk they needed, because the studio recorded it on the end of a reel for a different show.

I cannot understand why Star Trek: The Next Generation on BD did not sell very well. The improved experience in BD can bring Star Trek to life and absolutely thill everyone with AAA familial entertainment.

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