Today MSI delivered several new programs that actually do seem to make the machine run much better.

The MSI X Boost seems to be a good disk caching program that seems to be able to speed up the system rather nicely. Modern systems have much more memory but Windows does not use it to deliver better performance so MSI’s developers have stepped up.

The X Boost has several presets, we suggest the gaming profile which maximizes games performance. There is also a custom profile but the presets work well.

Another program called USB Speed Up is another caching program that seems to work well. USB sticks tend to be slow so this cache makes them more responsive.

MSI has even provided a RAMdisk utility which is handy for some purposes. The RAMdisk is more practical with rigs equipped with 32GB or more memory.

Clearly MSI has gone far beyond their rivals with product support. This sort of goodwill does get noticed.