Micron at a news conference mentioned that GDDR6 is now being developed and it should be ready for video card manufacturers towards the end of 2017.

The company said its upcoming GDDR6 memory will be significantly faster than the GDDR5 and GDDR5X VRAM in current graphics cards.

The GDDR5X memory will continue to be used as a low-end graphics memory replacement to GDDR5. Micron will likely retool the old GDDR5 lines.

GDDR6 will have a data transfer rate of up to 16Gbps, twice as fast as standard GDDR5 memory. Micron expects GDDR6 to be the most widely used graphics memory by 2020.

Micron is working to move from their current 20nm process to a smaller one but RAM foundries are already having some problems. For this reason Micron and others are all working to iron out problems so yields are high enough to be practical.

GDDR6 will also find buyers for network boxes and supercomputers as well as consumer video cards. Micron said their are positioning GDDR6 for the mainstream video card market.

Gamers can expect to see GDDR6 in high-end cards initially while AMD and NVIDIA develop new cards for the various market bands.