After much digging around we finally found a UEFI updater for the Asus HD7870-DC2-2GD5-V2 video card.

Unfortunately Asus has configured the software to only work with Asus branded UEFI capable motherboards, even though the VBIOS is for a video card. That is called compulsory tied selling and it’s illegal in Canada and many other countries. Restrictive practices, such as exclusive dealing, tied-selling and market restriction, can be cause for concern under section 77 of the Canadian Competition Act.

The Asus UEFI updater will also not work with Windows 10, it demands Windows 7 or Windows 8. The problem is that Windows 10 was delivered for all Window 7 and 8 users.

We have had many problems with Asus motherboards which is why we now use MSI which does not have problems with driver updates or general reliability. The MSi 970A-G43 has survived without any faults for much longer than many Asus boards we have owned.

We have one surviving machine with an Asus motherboard but while the machine is UEFI, it’s not even on the whitelist.

The proper thing Asus should have done, is use the ATI VBIOS installed with the proper ROM for the card with no additional baggage. The ATI software works with Windows 10 fine.

Asus needs to rethink what they are doing before they become a 3rd rate hardware company. Now you see what we no longer buy Asus.


This list shows all models of motherboard based on the whitelist device ID. The Asus UEFI will only work with the following motherboards. It will refuse all other motherboards, even UEFI models.

  • SABERTOOTH-Z77 = 1805
  • P8Z77-V = 1805
  • P8Z77-V-DELUXE = 1805
  • P8Z77-V-PRO = 1805
  • P8Z77-M = 1805
  • P8Z77-M-PRO = 1805
  • P8Z77-V-PRO-THUNDERBOLT = 1805
  • P8Z77-V-PREMIUM = 1805
  • MAXIMUS-V-GENE = 1604
  • P9X79-DELUXE = 3203
  • P9X79-PRO = 3203
  • P9X79 = 3203
  • P9X79-LE = 3203
  • Rampage-IV-Extreme = 3301
  • Rampage-IV-Formula = 3301
  • Rampage-IV-Gene = 3301
  • SABERTOOTH-X79 = 3203
  • M5A97-EVO-R20 = 1302
  • M5A99X-EVO-R20 = 1302
  • M5A99FX-PRO-R20 = 1302
  • SABERTOOTH-990FX-R20 = 1302
  • M5A97-LE-R20 = 1302
  • M5A97-R20 = 1302
  • SABERTOOTH-990FX-GEN3-R20 = 0226

The whitelist was found by checking the device ID list in the UEFI installer. This is unethical.

EVGA provided UEFI for their GTX 600 series cards and they focused solely on the card, not the motherboards. UEFI GOP is backwards compatible with BIOS based motherboards.

We have searched widely over this issue and the MSI forum is full of complaints of Asus branded video cards that do not work properly. Notice the GPU-Z image, and how the card is operating at PCI Express 3.0 speeds in a 4 lane slot. The AMD 970 only supports PCI Express 2.0 so there is clearly some problems.

The card works with UEFI disabled which defeats the use of 3TB or larger hard disks. We have other cards so we are able use larger capacity disks. The problems are all due to Asus.