The Windows 10 version 1703 also known as the creator’s edition has many new features of interest for gaming. One of the big moves with Windows is better supporting 3820×2160 4K UHD. Higher resolution panels are available but they are still far too expensive for consumers.

Microsoft extended the windows display driver model with the anniversary edition to be able to support new capabilities. This allows the  desktop windows manager to better support a picture in picture modes. The idea is more like a compact overlay. The window is floating so it can be repositioned as desired. Skype video and perhaps a movie can be running simultaneously while reading the morning news etc.


Much of the design of Windows 10 has been focused on growing mobile device use. Improvements with integration will make it easier to use a mobile phone with a Windows desktop or laptop. Support for android, iOS and Windows phones are standard.

Wireless is growing rapidly. Now devices is unified with a one stop panel to make life easier.

With over 1 billion now using mobile devices, Windows has to be able to handle potentially a houseful of users.


Modern stereo systems now have bluetooth and Wi-Fi so they can be integrated with Windows relatively easily.


Windows 10 will now also provide folders for apps not unlike mobile phones. There are many natural groupings for apps,

Folders open easily with a click. This is easier then swiping through screen after screen of apps.


Windows 10 1703 now delivers a new shader model for game engines to use. Of course Windows 10 has almost full backwards compatibility.


Virtual reality is still a niche area. By providing a standardized API however, the Creator’s update will allow for lower cost headsets to be designed and mass produced. Existing VR headsets will likely require new drivers to support the new API. Lower cost VR headsets are already coming to the market and we expect to see lower prices over time.

Mixed reality is a blend of using a heads up display combined with conventional television or monitor. Much of the new functionality in Windows is intended for modern urban living. By supporting multiple headsets, friends can play a game together.


One of the biggest changes to Windows is the new paint 3D application. Now 3D models can be created easily.  By supporting 3D, Windows will be better positioned for application developers and teenagers alike.


The new Windows Defender security center modernizes and consolidates security and updates much better. In addition to virus checking, it now also has the firewall settings and device health.


Many who leave their machine with open work were caught with forced reboots etc. Some with long running tasks are also affected. Microsoft has provided new options to help those with demanding tasks. Now Windows 10 will show an icon on the system tray like Windows XP used to do.

Subsequent updates will be smaller. Microsoft has redesigned the update process to reduce the amount of bandwidth needed. Microsoft calls this the unified update platform which will be used with new releases,


Microsoft has been lax with privacy which was enough to get the EU to serve Microsoft with a letter. Now Windows will have a web based dashboard.


While the fanfare over the Creator’s update will make the gaming experience much better, Microsoft has already mentioned a new release is penciled in for the fall.