Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator was developed and released on April 12, 2017 by Brilliant Game Studios. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a sandbox first person shooter.

Here is a sandbox like no other. Create massive battles with absolutely no limits. Want to see 10,000 chickens fight an army of Romans?? Sure, why not. Want to see a company of WW2 U.S soldiers fight 11,000 Medieval soldiers?? There are simply no limits to the carnage you can achieve in Epic Battle Simulator. 

The initial gameplay is fairly basic with an embankment reminiscent of the Normandy coast in WWII. The game has many additional maps. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is more of a simulator than a game per se.

The target is endless waves of zombies coming from several spawning areas in the distance. The zombies start off walking but after mowing down 75-100 they start moving faster. There are several maps in the game’s workshop with addition variety based on the same premise. The game is a sandbox design so adding more maps is easily done.

A high-end rig can handle maybe 10,000 or so target enemies. Maybe in 3-4 years rigs will be fast enough to handle more.

Operating SystemWindows Vista or better
CPU Intel Core i5 4590
AMD FX 8320
Memory8 GB or more
Hard Drive Space6.26 GB
Graphics HardwareGTS 450 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

This game is comparatively demanding so expect it the system requirements to be very minimal.

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