This site is powered by WordPress. WordPress uses an AJAX type of content display system. The code constructs the site and then the content is drawn proportionally in the container. AJAX allows the site containers to vary depending on the screen resolution of the visitor. The draw code can handle the variations.

The sidebar had to be cleaned up to be more AJAX oriented. Some objects are now centered so they are stable. Some widgets are fully flexible. AJAX is asynchronous. This reduces the bandwidth needed to display a post. Content delivery servers can handle video and images. The net result is a faster page render for the user.

  • HTML (or XHTML) and CSS for presentation
  • The Document Object Model (DOM) for dynamic display of and interaction with data
  • JSON or XML for the interchange of data, and XSLT for XML manipulation
  • The XMLHttpRequest object for asynchronous communication
  • JavaScript to bring these technologies together

JavaScript runs in the browser to assemble the page. PHP runs on the server which provides the parts requested by the JavaScript. The dynamic nature makes it possible to make a far richer experience.

Any user whose browser does not support JavaScript or XMLHttpRequest, or has this functionality disabled, will not be able to properly use pages that depend on AJAX. The only way to let the user carry out functionality is to fall back to non-JavaScript methods. This can be achieved by making sure links and forms can be resolved properly and not relying solely on AJAX. WordPress is completely reliant so filtering unsuitable browser is necessary.

<noscript><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/noscript.html" /></noscript>

Adding this to the custom header code will detect if JavaScript is operating. It redirects those with incompatible browser settings. More and more complex web designs are being developed that are ever more reliant on AJAX to deliver content. Some advertises use floating AJAX which is generally frowned upon by users. Native ads which are less intrusive are far more acceptable by users.

Now that more is known about WordPress the site will be capable for users looking forward.