We have installed new footer ads on the site as the old Amazon ads do not seem to get enough clicks to be worth using. The new one is one of the new generation native ads that are more responsive. The ads can be tailored easily to fit various deployments.

We expect it may take a few months before enough impressions are gathered to see if the click rates are any better.

The ads earn for a click which is better than Amazon which are comission sales. Hardcore Games is a high traffic site so CPM and CPC ads are available.

So far the ads have paid 1 or 2 cents for a click, which is infinitely better than the old Amazon ads. Progress is slow but its working. This is the first paid for click affiliate we have associated with since the demise of the Google Adsense in 2010.

The affiliate deal allows the ads on lower traffic sites which means many can use them, We find this desirable as may who visit low traffic sites tend to read the articles fully and if the ads are good they may actually click.