Intel and Microsoft has indicated that machines using the Intel Atom processors code named Clover Trail will not be able to run Windows 10 creators update or above. Intel® Atom™ processor Z25XX series are the affected product numbers. Clover Trail processors are made on the 32nm process line. Clover Trail was marketed in 2012 before being replaced with new processors.

The problem stems from the graphics chip used in the machines which shipped with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Intel mostly marketed the SoC to the mobile phone and tablet industry.

Clover Trail Atoms use GPU technology licensed from Imagination Technologies. Imagination appears unwilling, and Intel appears unable, to update the GPU drivers to meet the demands of the Creators Update. Intel markets the GPU as GMA which is known to be a weak performer.

Microsoft has indicated  the Anniversary Update already had a corresponding long-term servicing branch version (LTSB), so the company was already intending to release security fixes for this version of Windows until 2023. This is the same as support for Windows 8.1.

Clover Trail processors are dual core built on Intel’s 32nm process. They also feature hyperthreading.

Machines using Intel’s own GMA are not affected. Only machines with the Imagination GPU are affected.


On June 22, 2017 the board of directors announced the company was up for sale.

Apple also is known to have used their technology for iPhones but Apple has been developing in-house technology for several years.