For those who are still using version 1507 of Windows 10, Microsoft has indicated it will now start warning users to update their machines.

Following the problems with malware and ransomware recently, Microsoft does not want to have another outbreak with a large number of out of date versions of Windows.

We strongly recommend installing all updates to be sure your rig is as secure as possible. The Creators update has been patched every 2-3 weeks with updates. The Fall Creators update is not far off and again we strongly recommend installing it

Windows 10 is still being actively developed and the interim releases can be seen as much as milestones. Using a USB stick with the Creators update makes a clean instal easier. tt can be wiped when the next release is published.

Another way to see the strategy, each new version of Windows 10 is a rollup of of work already done. So again instal the Creators edition and all of the subsequent packages. It will only take an hour or so to install.

Ignoring security updates is very unwise.