Samsung is ramping up production of RAM and SSD chips as demand grows. Samsung is the world’s largest RAM manufacturer and they are also a leading flash memory manufacturer.

They are investing ₩30 trillion by 2021 in the existing plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, to expand their semiconductor fabrication capacity. This production line is now making 64-layer 4th generation V-NAND flash chips.

It will also put ₩6 trillion towards a new semiconductor fabrication line at its site in Hwaseong with the latest equipment, including Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) kit, being installed.

Making RAM at 20nm is complex and Samsung is moving towards 14nm. SSD is now already mass produced are 14-18nm. DDR4-2133 chips are 8 gigabit to afford 8GB and 16GB DIMMs.

Samsung Electronics has refurbished its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 phones with salvaged unused parts, and plans to start selling them in South Korea later this week. Samsung has reduced the price and testing shows the FE version does not overheat like the original version. Samsung lost billions on the Note 7 debacle.

The press release also mentioned that Samsung will continue to be a leader in televisions and computer displays. Another ₩1 trillion will be spent on its display factory in Asan, which produces OLED screens for mobile phones.

Samsung added that it is considering adding more semiconductor production lines in its factory in Xi’an, China.