Some overclockers are running into problems with the AMD Ryzen AM4 platform. Part of the problem is that memory speeds are faster than JEDEC can update the standard. Intel has developed the XMP profile to support faster speeds and now with DDR4 they have XMP2. AMD supports XMP2 however the UEFI-BIOS may have to be updated for certain boards. In our experience, several BIOS updates are needed to iron out all the bugs.

Recall JEDEC DDR4-2133 is the standard. So buying lower cost memory will work fine. Installing 16GB of memory or more will make Windows 10 run very well. More RAM is only needed with extreme video cards with vast amounts of VRAM.

  • B350 4 layer
  • X370 6 layer

Overclockers will find the 6 layer X370 motherboards will likely overclock a bit better than the cheaper B350 boards. B350 is better for those who use cheaper RAM and do not overclock.

The X370 boards are better made and they should be able to reach DDR4-3200 speeds with select memory. We have noticed some X370 boards are experiencing problems. Look for a BIOS update as memory compatibility issues are sometimes fixed.

Once manufacturers all move to 6 layer design across the line can we expect to see more consistent results. Using better quality parts mean far fewer product RAM returns etc.

Given the better quality 6 layer X370 boards, it stands to reason that overlockers should avoid the lower cost B350 motherboards.The B350 boards are fine for those who use memory at default speeds.