Quest Hunter was developed then released on July 31, 2017 by 2 Zombie Games. Quest Hunter is an isometric role playing game.

Gameplay is fairly standard for a isometric game. The world that is ruled by its own laws. The world where fire is the main treasure, and a shovel is a loyal friend and assistant. There’s enough trouble for villains here but there’s double trouble for heroes.

The game is a story-driven RPG with treasure hunt, non-linear dialogues, puzzles and humor! Mysterious world, fascinating plot, interesting puzzles and insidious enemie.

Lots of hazards to watch out for makes it more tricky than some run around style game.

Overall a great game, and excellent in coop mode! Campaign is longer than expected. Cute Animations and easy to understand game mechanics.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUCeleron 335 or better
Memory2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space2 GB
Graphics HardwareHD 3000 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required