After languishing as a dead game, Bethesda has decided to release Brink as a free game. There is some DLC available but the core DVD version of the game is present.

The game maxes out at 2560×1440 which is unusual as most games from the era all support 3840×2160 fine. Still the game is fine at 2560×1440 and its playable on the GTX 1060 fine.

Brink has pretty easy system requirements due to it vintage but the game is still a tad choppy at times. The Steam community is full of questions about the game and choppy play.

As a free game the online community exploded with thousands of new players. This led to a bunch of community servers so that games could be played.

The developer also did Overwatch which is similar with its character customizations.

The reality is that Brink was dead on arrival even though here is nothing really wrong with the game. At least now as free title it has seen some signs of life which will make the publisher and the developer look better when a customer look at easiler game releases.

There are now a few servers but most of the players now are fairly experienced. A new player may need some time to get acclimated to the rapid action. More servers will likely surface as more discover this game is now free.