When Clicker Heroes added the transcendance feature to the game they also added a new set of characters which are generally known as outsiders. These were first seen in erion 1e08. Additional outsiders were added in 1e11.

Xyliqil+x% effectiveness of all Idle bonusesminimal
Chor’gorloth-x% Ancient costminimal
Phandoryss+x% DPSnegligible
Borb+x% Primal Hero Soulshelpful
Ponyboy+x% effectiveness of Kumawakamaruhelpful
Rhageist+x% effectiveness of Atmanminimal
K’Ariqua+x% effectiveness of Bubosminimal
Orphalas+x% effectiveness of Chronoshelpful
Sen-Akhan+x% effectiveness of Doraminimal

The usefulness comments come from playing the game for over 1000 hours.

First the cost of the useful outsiders rises with each level. This seriously limits the stacking of resources on selected outsiders. The maximum number of Hero Souls a primal boss can reward for Transcendence Power, after the effects of Solomon was limited but this was removed in version 1e11.

Cranking up primal hero souls can improve leveling up as well as enabling ancients. There are several useful ancients that can materially improve the gameplay.

The ancient Kumawakamaru reduces the number of steps per zone. This can speed up the advancement very quickly.

The Ancient Chronos can deal with the shortening internal for timed monsters when the player is above zone 5000 or so.

The reset of the outsiders are not of ay real help in my experience.

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