seagate 5u84 server

The Seagate 5U84 is a new storage server designed for high density storage systems. The 5U84 with hard disks installed sells for about $52,000.

  • Expand a data center seamlessly with single enclosures that host up to 1.5 PB of data
  • Leverage industry-leading CPU technology with dual Intel Xeon E5 v4 Family CPUs on each controller
  • Efficiently manage hot and cold data with real-time data tiering option
  • Deliver unfettered data access with dual redundant controllers capable of achieving up to 7GB/s sequential read,5.5GB/s sequential write performance
  • Rebuild drives faster than ever and reduce downtime with Seagate ADAPT data protection technology
  • Opt for replication and snapshot features to meet critical enterprise requirements
  • Future-proof your data center with support for current and next generation HDDs and SSDs
  • Reduce power consumption with 80 PLUS Platinum certified power supplies and adaptive cooling technology

The 5U84 packs 84 hard disks into a 5U EIA rack based server. The disks are laid out 14 disks per row with 3 rows in each tier to achieve 84 disks in total.

The 5U84 features slid out disk trays which makes it simple to replace defective disks, In large arrays of hard disks maintenance is a necessity. The entire drawer can also be removed and replaced when necessary for capacity boosting etc. The weight of the disk drawers needs two people to handle them safely.

Using 18TB hard disks the 5U84 delives 1.5PB per server. Seagate clusters 4 servers into a 336 drive system. The servers groups can be stacked in rows as necessary for a larger storage subsystem.

The server has abundant connections on the rear for connecting additional servers in an array as well as supporting FC and iSCSI etc. Several options are available. Dual power supplies are standard with servers.

Many rival storage servers are double or triple the cost of the Seagate 5U84 and have fewer disks or aggregate capacity.