The theme we used has finally fixed a long list of problems that prevented this site from realizing it full potential.

Now the related posts works properly with a row of links like other sites have. Gone is the old text list which we had to endure for users who wanted to read more articles. The engine for the related posts is still a work in progress but it seems to work fairly well.

We expect that the cleanup of the site images will take a few days to complete, but the improvements will make the site much more user friendly. Recall the comment that a picture is worth 1000 words.

The site has long been easy on ads as we well understand that overrunning a user with ads will alienate them in the long run. We get clicks occasionally but its not enough to cover operating expenses with current traffic levels etc.

The site is still able to operate under the Azure limitations but the footprint is growing as more and more graphics for game reviews accumulate. Storage costs have continued to fall over time. When we exceed what Azure offers we may be forced to move to a virtual machine as higher service levels for web sites is much too expensive.

We are presently using 38% of the 1GB of storage that Azure provides for websites. Steam has been helpful as a CDN as we can link screenshots directly into a review. Steam does not yet record video to disk so we still have to rely on 3rd party tools.

We finally have Facebook comments working properly as there were issues getting it to render with WordPress. We also have been able to make the formatting better looking which improves the overall image of the site.

We changed some of the ad widgets in favor for a more dynamic format which we hope will appeal to users.