The 802.11az is the latest revision for use at 60 GHz. It is still in discussion with the working group as problems with the existing standards are still being analyzed.

  • Group met for 5 timeslots during this week reviewing a total of 17 submissions.
  • SFD (Spec Framework Document):
  • Approved total of 61 new SFD requirements with most focus on secured ranging measurement.
  • Open call for submissions toward SFD text.
  • Amendment text:
  • Reviewed amendment text conversion from 3 major submissions on HEz and VHTz ranging FTM operation.
  • Expect D0.1 coming out of the Jan. meeting.
  • Open call for amendment text submissions.
  • PAR and CSD changes in final stages of process (IEEE-SA).

The first draft is not expected until circa 2020.