Murnatan was released on March 24, 2018 by AAAGames s.r.o. who also developed the game. Murnatan is a first person shooter.

This game is humans vs aliens as a first person shooter.

Players can build a masterfully thought-out base, destroy the enemy spawns or base in organized attacks, hunt down your enemies and emerge victorious! The game is hard to play single handed as a human.

Each side is quite different in play. The strategy is also very different.

Humans have a stamina system. Stamina is depleted by sprinting or jumping. Every human has one med kit (bind key: F) and a new one is added to your inventory once fully healed by a med kit. The human body is divided into three parts: head/body/legs, with each part sustaining different damage values.


Operating SystemWindows 7 x64 or better
CPUCore 2 quad or better
Memory8 GB or more
Hard Drive Space12 GB
Graphics HardwareNVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required