Welcome to  https://hardcoregames.ca which is our new web address.  Pleas update your bookmarks. This TLD cost us $9.53 for a year registration which is a lot less than greedy domain registrars wanted for the .com version.

It may take some time for the changes to activated as DNS records are sluggish. Then the amusement of WordPress having to change every link on the site to the new URL.

The change will be permanent as we are now the owner of the TLD which we can retain. We are considering litigation to recover the .com TLD but the .biz will have to do for now.

TTL is time to live is comparatively slow on the internet so we may intend to deploy the new URL in one week’s time.

If the site is not working its due to us trying to get the domain URL working as a CNAME redirect until we can get the A records working properly.

We have added some JavaScript to redirect the old azurewebsites URL to the new one, this should make all external links work properly as only the domain is being changed not the underlying document being fetched.

We also replaced all the internal links to the new URL which took under 1 minute to scan the SQL tables. We then started adding feature images to the remaining posts which do not one. Almost all posts have at least a feature image so that lists of posts all have one.

Google recognized the new TLD and eventually they will re index their database with the new URL set. Google automatically removes the old URL from referral traffic in their reports.

Then we will have to figure out how to get http working again. We may have to resort to using our Linux VM to so some extra work over and above running a database.

We had to also add some custom JavaScript so that links to the old www.hardcoregames.ca  are mapped to the new www.https://hardcoregames.ca automatically. Google recognizes the change which is very helpful.

<script type="text/javascript">
if (location.href.indexOf("www.hardcoregames.ca") > -1) location.href =  location.href.replace("www.hardcoregames.ca", "www.https://hardcoregames.ca");
if (window.location.protocol == "http:") { window.location = document.URL.replace("https://", "https://"); }

We had to remap http to http as the cost of a certificate was more than we could afford at this point. The code has a pair of conditional checks.

We also found a plug-in to clean up th feature images. By filtering the posts with no image, allowed us to select and for those who were internal blog and news posts we used the site icon. Now all posts have a feature image and the site now has reach its potential as a quality driven WordPress example.