Front panel boxes have been abundant in the marketplace. More recent models have surfaced that support USB-C port and the latest models now provide additional power to support them as mobile charging ports.

The model shown has dual USB-A and USB-C ports which makes it a modern approach. The data cable is the standard 19-pin USB cable as seen on AMD motherboards. Depending on the motherboard the USB speeds will vary from 5 megabit and up. It surfaced on Chinese electronics catalogs in 2018. Older models do not have the supplemental power.

Catalogs are full of variations on the front panel box. Some are fan controllers, general multifunction models have been available for decades. Every imaginable port is available from IEEE 1394 to PCMCIA cards.

One olderbox that was purchased for the COrsair SPEC-01 chassis has flash card readers along with USB ports. Like most period models it lacks adequate power to handle more than one or two mobile devices.

Older Acer desktop machines have integrated front panel boxes but many of them do not work with more recent versions of Windows. The front panel boxes have standardized logic to support all operating systems.

Apple has been using more power when available to charge phones. The iPad charger is 11W which can also charge iPhones easily. This is what motivated the redesigned models to use SATA power. Earlier Molex has models were messy with cable management SATA power tends to be installed on the front.

Depending on the chassis mounts, some of these boxes do not stay in place easily. Usually they need to have M.2 screws installed to secure them. Its advisable to install screws on both sides to make the ports secure from insertion and removal stresses.