Sadly the use of ad blocking seems to be rising. The banned page chronically is the top page view mainly as ad blocker users vainly attempt circumvent the security we use to protect the site. This site depends on ad revenue to pay the bills, which most understand,. The ads here are place as part of a print like page.

Mobile users have a popover ad as the existing ads are not present with mobile clients.


We used Amazon’s CPM ads in Q4 2016 which provided additional revenue. Unfortunately, on January 6, 2017.  they cancelled the CPM ads for the site in Q1 2017. Reality is that they do not have nearly enough inventory to keep up with a high traffic site like this one.

We initially tried $2 per CPM and this resulted in < 10% fill rates, So we tried $0 CPM which would accept and available ad but it was of negligible effect.

We have many bounty and general ads in the sidebar rotator and the context native ad tha both seem to get the occasional clicks.

Amazon has rolled out new thinner native ads that are contextual and we are now using them over time to see if the better click rate turns into more conversions.

Traffic here is 90% male, most are under 35 and more are coming to the site with mobile which now accounts for over 10% of page views.


We have also now opened a US Bank account. This will reduce the accrued $100 to $10 before Amazon etc will make payments. Amazon finally paid us which finally has our fiscal situation in better shape.