Traffic on the site has led to the usual problems of living in the cloud. Lately there has been a spat of HTTP 500 errors that seem to be the web server is choking on the load.

PHP 7 is less demanding on CPU time and WordPress is very lean and mean too. This suggests somebody else on the server maybe too taxing and it is causing problems with our site.

God knows that else is on the blade that this site lives on. Could be anything which is part of the problem with load balancing for a server farm. Most days are routine but once in a while something pops up.

Azure has so many options and today they announced a new class of server for the most demanding mainframe applications such as SAP which is used by large corporations. Azure has the new M series virtual machines which are RAM based virtual machines.  The M class are overkill for this site but it’s nice to know that Azure has options should we ever reach traffic levels of the top 100 websites on the internet.

The Azure M class virtual machines can have up to 4TB of RAM which should be enough for a few hundred thousand simultaneous users on the site. At present the hard disk based host is plenty fast enough for 15-20,000 page views a month. Azure has SSD options should the hard disks become a bottleneck.

Looking at Google we noticed they reached 3,000 clicks to the site from some 42,000 impressions. Small wonder traffic has been heavy. We get traffic from all over but clearly Google has realized the site has grown and they are now page ranking us hig.

Other search engines are of negligible impact. Yandex seems to index the site much better than Bing. Building a search engine is not that hard, page ranking is significantly harder.

We are also installing a certificate but internet problems are making it difficult, please bear with us as we attempt to get the site secured with a http certificate. The nonsense of page rank and certificates is costly in time and money, which small businesses can hardly afford.

Azure is complex when attempting to install a self signed certificate. Please bear with us as we attempt to get it stabilized.

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