Samsung announced new 10nm DDR4 memory. The new smaller feature size will help boost production for given memory sizes.

At present 4 gigabit memory prices are low enough that Samsung had to reduce manufacturing costs to be able to maintain profits.

The more recent 8 gigabit memory is now becoming more and more mainstream as machines move from 8GB to 16GB and most recently even 32GB of installed memory.

Laptop memory needs 8 small chips on each side to maximize capacity. With 4 gigabit memory this affords 8GB on a SO-DIMM. With 8 gigabit memory this affords 16GB on a SO-DIMM.

Samsung has now started making 16 gigabit chips which can now reach 32GB on a DIMM or SO-DIMM memory stick, The cips increase performance by 11% to 2666 Mbps and are up to 39-percent more energy efficient.

The SO-DIMM news follows the company’s gigabit DDR4, and 16 gigabit GDDR5 announcements for graphics cards, desktop, and server. systems. Samsung has been able to maintain the lead in computer memory products and today’s announcement will definitely get attention from the gaming community.

Intel has had issues at 10nm but memory devices are dramatically less complex. Samsung has much better yields than Intel has managed to get so far. Intel has pushed back to 2019 their main push into 10nm.

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