I made a new email account and inquired with Azure about migrating my benefits. They said I should make a pay as you go account.

I acted as Azure recommended. I made a pay as you go account and awaited for Azure to get back to me.

I also made a new email account for eBay to get around the black marks on my old account. I deleted all of the cookies on my browser so that I could get around tracking. I have cleared all transactions long ago on the old account and it has been dormant for over 3 years.

The new eBay account is now used mostly for tracking prices of video cards and the occasional purchase of misc small items from China. Fence Marketing is definitely got some atmosphere which should be fun if I ever open a store on the site again.

One item I bought was a new wallet that was made of fake leather so that as a vegan I would not need to worry about animal cruelty.

Several of my old email account have not been working and efforts to fix them have been ongoing here and there.

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