SNDWAY SW-523 noise meter

The SNDWAY Shen Daiwa SW-523 sound noise meter is a handheld unit suitable for field use.

  • A/C weighting
  • 31.5 Hz to 8.5 KHz frequency response
  • 6mm condenser microphone
  • 30-130 dB ≈ 1.5 db precision
  • Backlight for dark work areas
  • USB data capable
  • 0°C to 40°C operating temperature
  • -10°C to 60°C storage temperature
  • 3x AAA 1.5V batteries

Operating the SW-523 is very easy. The red power button enables the unit. Environmental and industrial noise uses the A weighting while music systems and venues use C weighting. It is perfect for perfect for testing noise level in office, home, manufacture, traffic road, construction site or other occasions. Its shell is made of high quality high quality plastic material, solid and sturdy, durable for a long service time. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and take it out for testing.

The backlight button needs to be held for a moment and released to enable the LEDs. The same process for turning off the LEDs.

The unit comes calibrated at the factory. It is able to be recalibrated if desired. The unit has a sample and hold feature to allow a person to log the value. The SW-523 can also be set for fast or slow response to noise to better average out readings.

The microsoft sponge is present to protect the meter from wind when used outdoors. Wind can have a large impact on microphones which is why the sponge is widely used.

SNDWAY also makes illuminance meters, carbon dioxide detectors, formaldehyde sensors, and a hygrometer/thermometer unit. The company has a wide range of environmental devices.