WINDOWS 10 BUILD 17713.1000

Windows 10 build 17133.1000 is the redston 5 release candidate as Microsoft is now closer to getting the next semi annual release of Windows ready. This version is only on the active development ring as the debugging cycle is not complete.

One feature many will like is notepad will now support the zoom features seen in browsers so that those who have vision problems can see the text better,

Other improvements like using Windows Hello with remote desktop will make security easier. Now using a biometric device such as a finger scanner or facial recognition can authenticate a session.

Sign in to shared machines will also be easier. This makes it simple now for a guest to use a machine to say respond to some messages or to check a server can use a machine securely.

Windows Defender is also much better with many more capabilities added. With each version of Windows 10, Microsoft has hardened security in Windows 10 considerably.

This release is known as 1809 but depending on how fast Microsoft can stabilize the new features will determine if Microsoft can manage to deliver Redstone 5 in September instead of October or even November.


During the recent builds Microsoft is working hard on compatibility telemetry to be sure machines are working properly. The telemetry updates with a reboot as this is the most telling time for problems to be found.

We know this version of Windows has all of the CPU faults fixed already. The performance issues have largely been addressed as well. We expect Microsoft will have more updates for the CPU faults as they can figure out the best way around the problems.


We had to disable the bluetooth in the BIOS of our Lenovo X220, reboot, than go back to the BIOS to enable it again to get our Microsoft 3600 mouse to work.

The mouse now shows how much power is left in the battery in the device screen.

The phone option with Windows still is not recognized after waking and manual scan is needed. This results in a security nag which shows the problems in Windows security have still not been fixed.