Recent reports from IDC and Gartner among others have indicated that PC sales are growing. The reports said sales were at levels not seen since 2012. Close to 250 million PCs are sold annually around the world.

Gartner found 62.1 million PC shipments, up a 1.4 per cent compared to Q2 2017. IDC counted 62.3 million PCs exiting factories, which us 2.7 per cent.

Windows 10 was the clearest motivating factor. Technological improvements are motivating some to get new machines. Laptop screens are better with clearer color. Power consumption is down with smaller feature size components.

Lenovo bought recently Fujitsu’s PC operations making them the largest PC vendor. Lenovo and HP nominally share the top spot for the most popular machines. Dell, Apple and Acer round out the top 5.

Low end machines now come with 8GB of RAM and usually a 1TB hard disk. Most such machines have 1366×768 screens.

Mid level machines offer 1920×1080 screens and often ship with 16GB of memory and a small capacity M.2 SSD.

Gaming machines also typically are 1920×1080 but some have 2560×1600 panels. Most have a dedicated mid range GPU to afford gaming.