It seems that No Man’s Sky is back with a large update and the game has surfaced on the Steam top seller list.

Some media reports about interviews with Sean Murray who is the CEO of Hello Game has dialed back the hype considerably.

Much of the content added to the game since it first was released seems to intend the game to become more multiplayer oriented. The game never was designed as a MMO but the gameplay of co-op and possibly local visitors does open the door a bit.

Hello Games has published several game updates and while the overall opinion on Steam is negative, its interesting to see that recently things have moved positive. Clearly the game updates have overcome many of the early objections.

Most aspects of the original game are much better. For example the mountains and valleys are much more to scale and impressive. The AI is also better for managing wildlife etc.

Hello Games’ changes go beyond mere aesthetic tinkering, and it’s surprising just how much has, in the last year, been tweaked and enriched.

The game is now coming to the Xbox One and it now has a new third person option for console enthusiasts.