We have taken some very drastic steps to secure the site. This site will now only render with Chrome. Other browsers seem to have problems with some page elements but we are cleaning up the site code base to fix it.

Firefox and Brave are blocked for having adblock integrated. Stealing our content is a crime, extortion is a more serious crime.

Edge works fairly well and testing shows it is slower than Chrome to render the site.

This site uses native ads exclusively as these blend in better than old display ads. The native ads are also capable of adapting better to widely disparate screen resolutions and sizes.

Over time with the change in browsing habits have motivated a lot of work. The proportional design we use is the best solution we can find and then within that framework it has to.

We are working to make a more secure solution to protect users as well as us. Using eTags Google can check for modified pages easily.

Thanks to ad blocking Youtube has changed and now they demand 1000 subscribers before any consideration is made. All the smaller channels are now demonetized . This is so bad that we have abandoned video completely.

We also are now using a new SSD based database which should improve page load times. Grumbling over page load times are not due to ads as much as old servers being overloaded. New servers with SSD drives are dramatically faster which can be seen here. Our site loads faster than most on the internet now.