Mahjong Pretty Manga Girls was released on July 22, 2018 by Playtouch who also developed the game. Mahjong Pretty Manga Girls  is a puzzle game based on the popular mahjong tiles.

If you are a fan of manga (japanese cartoon characters), you’ll love this game.

Gameplay is relatively simply, the player has a pattern of tiles. The player tries to pair off the tiles and clear them from the tableau. It takes some practice for those who are not used to the Mahjong tiles to learn them all. There have been earlier tile based Mahjong games so experienced players have some familiarity with the tiles used.

There is a rather short time limit so you need to be quick or you can try again and be faster next time. The time to solve the puzzles seems a bit short and the developer may want to consider that and patch the game  as most newcomers are far less practiced.

As play continues there are larger tableaus with more tiles but the puzzle play is the same, pairing off matchine tiles. Speed is calibrated for the larger puzzles. As the player gets more levels new girls are presented. The goal is to find them all.


Operating SystemWindows XP or better
CPUAtom 1.6 GHz or better
Memory1 GB or more
Hard Drive Space100 MB
Graphics HardwareHD 3000 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

The game is HTML and JavaScript based so it has very easy system requirements.