We have a bookmark for the gaming community with Microsoft Answers. We infrequently visit as there are already lots of others with solutions but we mostly look at error codes which may be unknown in our own databases.

Microsoft changed the topic to Windows 10 more generally with less focus on games. We feel this is unwise as a lot of Windows 10 users play games. Windows gaming and console gaming should be separate areas to that the correct solution can be found. Expertise here handles consoles and PC equally.

Windows 10 has now been in use for 36 months since it was originally released to manufacturing. In that time Microsoft has provided users with semi annual major updates; each with a lengthy list of new features.

The Microsoft store now has a vast number of games which is beginning to rival Steam. At the rate it is growing, we suspect that Steam will now have a serious contender. Windows is used with the Xbox One so many of the console errors have direct counterparts with the desktop. This means we have to be careful with categories to allow console users the ability to find solutions more easily. Here at the studio we work hard to bring users the most up to date news an information. We have over 1000 games reviewed and it’s only a drop in the bucket. Not enough hours to keep, not even close to it.